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For many, their home is their single greatest asset. Without the proper insurance, it can easily be left unprotected. If you have ever read an insurance policy before, you will know that it is convoluted at best. We take the time to listen to your concerns and ask questions to further understand what you expect from your insurance policy. We will advise you on what the policy covers, what is doesn't cover, and how you can fill in the blanks. Asking questions now, will save you from many headaches in the future. We provide this service for houses, condos, and townhouses alike.

Homeowners insurance covers more than just the structure. It covers your belongings and your liability anywhere in the world. So, if your luggage gets lost while on vacation, you have important items in public storage, or you injure someone playing football at a company picnic, you're covered.

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Our agency has some of the lowest priced renter's insurance policies in Western New York. Not only will it cover your belongings, should anything happen to them, but it will also cover your liability, should your actions ever land you in court. What a lot of people don't know is that, when you combine your renter's insurance with the same company as your auto insurance, you get a multi-policy discount that can be so large it actually pays for the renter's policy. All because you don't own your home, that doesn't mean you don't have anything worth protecting!

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We take pride in providing thorough home insurance services to local homeowners. To get the best quote for your home, we will:

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The intel we gather will help us find the best home insurance policy for you.

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