New York State's Flood Insurance Specialists

Protect your property in Lancaster, New York with flood insurance

Thill-Demerly has been selling flood insurance since 2011, and now have multiple companies they can use to get you the cheapest price possible. We offer companies through the National Flood Insurance Program "Write Your Own" program, along with multiple private market companies, through Lloyds of London. We can easily get you the cheapest price available, period!

Play it safe and take advantage of our flood insurance services. Contact one of our agents in Lancaster, New York today to get started.

Choosing The Right Insurance Company Matters

If our agency doesn't write with a specific company, it is likely that it is because they don't play by the rules, and we don't wany any part of it. In our experience, we have read enough contracts, and communicated with enough insurance company reps, to see who complies with NY State guidelines, and who makes their own rules. We surround ourselves with only the best companies, who comply with NY's many regulations, and treat our customers with fairness and respect. The validity of your insurance company will never be a question through us, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Word Is Spreading

Across all of New York State, people come to us to help them with their flood insurance needs. Whether it is getting you the cheapest policy possible, or even giving you the advice you were always looking for (to get yourself out of the flood zone), we have the knowledge and experience to help you. Through the years, we have become close with a lot of realtors and surveyors, to help their clients with their homes. Even other insurance agents refer their clients to us. Truth be told, nobody wants to deal with flood insurance. We do, and people are noticing!

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