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Whether you are new to driving, or a seasoned veteran, you know you need auto insurance if you expect to drive in NY State. How well do you know what coverages go into building your policy? Do you know what they are, or what they cover? How confident are you that you have the right coverage to suite your needs?
The agents at Thill-Demerly have made it their goal to spend as much time with our clients as needed to make them feel like they have the right policy for them. We will review every coverage, ask questions to get to know your specific situation, and craft a policy just for you. Our clients appreciate that we spend more than just 15 minutes with them!

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Not Sure How To Get Started?

It's easy! Simply send us a copy of your current policy. We can pull most of the information we need right from that. If you don't have it on you, or this is your first time buying a policy, simply call or email us. We will ask very simple questions to get to know you, and then quote you with every company we have. We will spend the time on each insurance company's website quoting, so you don't have to. So, in as little as the 5 minutes it takes to send us your policy, we can save you hundreds on your auto insurance. Not bad!

Thill-Demerly works with the right insurance companies to be competitive in Lancaster, and all of Western New York.

Have A Treasured Antique Vehicle?

We cover those too. Thill-Demerly has multiple options to cover your pride and joy. We can either take over your existing policy, and do the policy maintenance for you, or you can have us shop our companies to get you the best price possible. Let us handle the insurance so you can get back to enjoying the open road.

Ride Sharing... Let's Talk

If you are driving for Uber, Uber Eats, Lyft, Door Dash, or any other ride share/delivery apps, then you may have a problem. You see, when government allowed ride sharing into NY state, they never bothered to consult the auto insurance companies who insure the people of NY. To date, there is no insurance company who covers ride sharing on a personal auto policy. In fact, they all take great efforts to EXCLUDE coverage for this exposure. The moment you turn your app on, you are now without coverage from your auto policy until you actually pick up your fare. If you intend to continue ride sharing, you need to get a commercial auto policy, which we happen to sell. Make sure you know your risk.

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