Drive Around Lancaster, New York With Confidence

Protect yourself and others with auto insurance

All drivers in New York are required to carry auto insurance. It is shocking to see how many of them aren't aware of what coverages they have, or how any of it works. Our agency takes the time to explain each piece of the policy, giving you the knowledge necessary to build your ideal policy. Once we know how the policy should look, we shop our many companies to get the best price.

Call us now and let us build the perfect policy for you in Lancaster, NY.

Not just car insurance...

Why stop at just car insurance? Our agency can insure motorcycles, boats, RV's and motorhomes, Golf carts and more. So, no matter what kind of vehicle you have, we've got you covered.

Thill-Demerly works with the right insurance companies to be competitive in Lancaster, and all of Western New York.

Looking to save money?

Try taking the 6-hour Accident Prevention Course (also known as the insurance point reduction course). If you are the principal operator of a vehicle, then you are eligible to save up to 10% on your vehicle’s insurance cost by taking this course. Whether taken in class, or online, this class is accepted all over NY State to reduce your insurance premiums. And the best part…the discount lasts for three years!
This course is usually offered by each town’s community education program, at your local senior center, at AAA, or at one of the two websites listed below.
Stay safe out there!